‘Lemme Upgrade You: Mom Style

So, you had a couple kids and suddenly you’re not so into that matching your panties to your bra sexy kind of dressing. And you could certainly care less about how your hair looks when you’re trying to wrangle them into the car without a fight about, whose turn is it to sit in the damn front seat. Ah, being a mother is lovely, but it’s hard to remember that as cute as the little ones are, you deserve a little bit of polishing up too – even if it means you take just a couple extra minutes for these simple style swaps. Believe me, you’ll be happy you did! And now…’lemme upgrade you!


Upgrade Your Shoes

Trading in your heels for comfort during your pregnancy and never looking back sounds like some of the moms I know. While you try not to wear your ugly running sneakers anywhere but the gym, and at least rock some Converses instead, you got to admit that sneakers are sneakers. However, you don’t have to choose comfort over style. Instead of flip-flops or trainers, try a pair of ballet flats, studded slippers, flat boots, or if you want height, shoes with platforms across the entire foot. Instant style with all the comfort you need!


Get A ‘Diaper Bag’ That Has Style

With so many of them so big and deep that you could never find anything, traditional diaper bags are a trap! Get out of the diaper bag aisle and find your way back to the grown-up purse department now! There are a lot of bags, like a leather backpack or stylish patent tote that are totally functional without being frumpy. Just corral the diapers and wipes into freezer-sized Ziploc bag and go. Pick something that makes you happy to tote it around!

3Change Up Your Hairstyle

It may feel like you have one of two hair choices when you’re a mom: Either you pull your hair back in a lifeless ponytail or you cut your hair into a mom ‘do. Stop believing that crap. While you may have chosen the former for the past couple of years, it’s time to make a change. Changing it up with a chignon, headband, braid or even getting in on the adorable fedora craze. And don’t forget the insane magic of dry shampoo, which can degrease hair in an instant!

4 Wear The Right Sized Clothing

Often, you may find that you wear clothes that are too big — namely flowy tops or tees — because you just want to hide you post-baby bod. Your body is in a state of transition — you are neither where you want to be nor where you used to be, and that’s okay. Instead of swimming in your clothes, look for garments with lots of stretch, like leggings and fitted or draped tees. Bigger clothes are creating a bigger visual – no bueno. When you wear clothes that skim your body, you’ll look smaller. Feel too self-conscious in body-skimming shirts and skirts? Get yourself some shapewear that can smooth you out and make you appear 10 pounds thinner.

How do you make sure your mom style is on track with keeping up with your busy life and staying true to your personal fashion sense? Share below in the comments!

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Written by: Kate Heimann of WearInLA.com 


Why You Nest During Your Pregnancy

woman painting bedroom walls blue short hair girl decoratingWhy we do it:
People who refer to a pregnant woman’s urge to prepare the home as an “instinct” are on to something. Sure, birds are the best-known nesting animals, but mammals like us do it too — your hormones may be partly to blame for giving you the impulse to browse for hours searching for the perfect nursery paint color and folding newborn onesies into tidy little stacks. But it’s also your nerves! No matter how much you’re looking forward to life with baby, it’s truly scary knowing that you’re in for such a drastic change, and preparing your surroundings as much as possible makes you feel like you have just a little bit of an edge in getting the whole-new mom thing right.

shopping for baby pregnant lady woman girl couple baby clothes

The first surge to expect:
A lot of moms-to-be do big-time nesting in the second trimester, when their energy level is at its highest. You might find yourself noticing things that need fixing or reorganizing. You might look around your home and realize that you need to squeeze in an entirely new person — and all of his or her stuff –and clean out closets and drawers to make room. You might do some deep cleaning because things seem too germy for a vulnerable newborn’s environment. You might do all of the above. sometimes, the tasks are huge, like a kitchen remodel; other times, it’s as simple as finally finishing that scrapbook. It could be baby-related or not.

baby clothes in closet pink girl cute

…And the second:
The nesting urge could kick in again close to your due date — some say that neurotically cleaning your home is a sign you’re about to go into labor. But seriously, don’t stress. Sure, some to-dos are important, but others can wait until after baby is born.

Clean, but clean wisely:
Okay, so it will feel really good to be prepared for the baby, but it’s also important for your health and sanity not to stress yourself. If you have unrealistic expectations for what you can get done before the birth (news flash: it’s never everything), then you’ll just wear yourself out trying. So know that plenty of it can wait until later. Also, remember that the baby isn’t going to be unimpressed if all the laundry isn’t done or if you’re shoe closet is still a mess! Take it easy and don’t stress out!

If you’re in the nesting mode and looking for nursery decoration inspiration, be sure to check out my Pinterest boards that are curated by color and theme. See my Pinterest boards here.

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Featured on Project Nursery: Coral Chevron Owl Pillow

nursery1-1024x768Recently, Whimsy Sweet Whimsy was featured in a styling session on Project Nursery’s blog. With a gorgeous collection of coral, gray, and aqua, I’m delighted to see that my Coral Chevron Owl Pillow was included in this room. Between a perfectly matched dresser, an incredible DIY stenciled wall, and my owl chevron pillow, all this room needs a cute little one and you’re set!




When Theresa was designing her first born’s nursery, she scoured Pinterest for inspiration and brought it all to life via DIY projects and Etsy products. Her piece of advice for first time parents decorating their nurseries is this: “Don’t be afraid to change paint colors! Also we had all gray nursery furniture picked out and an entirely different color palette but changed everything when we decided on the coral dresser. It’s ok to change your mind!” I second that – don’t be afraid to play with ideas or colors that weren’t your first choice!

I want to extend a huge thank you to Project Nursery and Teresa, the mommy stylist of this gorgeous nursery, for the feature on your blog. I hope little Noelle is enjoying her gorgeous new room – the colors are absolutely perfect together!

To see the full feature please visit Project Nursery’s blog & be sure to check out their gorgeous Instagram account to stay on top of all their nursery design ideas!

Photo credit: Teresa

Shop the Chevron Owl Collection

PicMonkey CollageWelcome to the Whimsy Sweet Whimsy blog! To kick off my blogging adventure, I’d like to share with you the bread and butter of my Etsy business: my chevron owl pillow collection! I’ve been creating owl pillows for almost 3 years now, always improving them and playing with new designs. Early on I fell in love with chevron prints and so has my customer base. (Not to mention the rest of the world and how much they love chevron prints too!)

Without further ado, I’d like to invite you to check out my Etsy shop >> HERE << and browse the Chevron Owl Collection. Whether you’re looking for the finishing touches on your newborn’s nursery, a cute gift for your college-bound student, or a little something for your own home, my owl pillows come in a range of colors and prints. Oh, and if you already have ideas about what you want but can’t find it in my shop, I’m happy to create a one of a kind piece just for you!

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